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View recorded lectures, read tips, tricks and everything else you need to know to view lectures in your webbrowser.


Request recording(s) of a lecture(series) and find all essential information.

Upload / Archive

Upload and/or archive (360°) video course content to your course or lecture folder on the Collegerama server

View the public (live)recordings of an event here in your webbrowser.

event live streaming and recording request,
please visit NewMedia Centre Live

About Collegerama

Collegerama is a TU Delft on-campus lecture capture & archiving service provided by the NewMedia Centre which allows you to record your lecture series and publish these online. During a recording, the lecturer and his/her presentation material will both be recorded simultaneously. In online playback, a special video player shows both video sources synchronous. The user can then choose which source he/she wants to enlarge.

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