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Student Operator Collegerama

Great that you are interested in applying for an operator job at Collegerama!

But what does an operator job at Collegerama mean?

  • It means that you will be trained to become an independent recording operator who records 2 lectures per week (4-6 hours)
  • You will receive a three-hour training and we will be guiding you during the first few lecture recordings
  • Working hours can be self-planned, based on the recording requests of the faculty (be aware, during Christmas and summer holiday there will be no work!)
  • Your contract will be a FlexDelft contract, and your hourly fee depends on your amount of ECTS (see schedule)

Hourly fee in 2023:

Profile Minimum of ECTS Gross hourly fee
SA2 + SA3 60-120 € 14,59
SA4 180 + € 15,86

Always check the website of FlexDelft for the most current information:

Are you still interested? Cool, then we would like to know something about you too! If you can tick all boxes in the form below you will find our application form. Please read the requirements in the form before checking all boxes.

Student Operator Collegerama Application Form