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Record Lectures

Record your lectures for on-demand playback. If a network is available lectures are published 15 min after the recording. In other cases lectures are available within 48 hours.

You can also plan Livestream lectures for in or/and outside the campus with a 30 sec delay. After the lecture the recording will be available on-demand on the same link.

You will need your Employee netID to log on to the planningstool.


The Collegerama planningstool is hosted on a separate platform. The links on this website redirect to that platform. When using these links you will leave this website. The direct link to the platform is:

Request for the 2024-2025 academic year after July 1, 2024.

Scheduled Recording -
What is next?

On this page we have provided all the information required to know what do I have to arrange for the venue myself and what will be arranged for me.

(live) Event Request via NMC-Live

We create immersive experiences that connect you with your audience by recording and live streaming events. Imagine that you can make your in-person event available for remote attendance in real time or just bring your story to a bigger audience worldwide and make it serve you for years.

Whether you are organizing a talk show or presentation, a graduate ceremony, a conference, a debate, a panel discussion or a design challenge, we are here for you.

Top 10 FAQ about Lecture Recording

  • How do I change my Title of the lecture


    It is only possible to adjust the following after access to the teacher in question. This can be requested via the Contact form

    The link for edit my Details: Link to Collegerama Video portal


    Start Select a video for editing Details Change presentation data Start

    1) Select a video for editing Details

    • Click: Browse Shared Folders
    • Select a recording

    Start MyMediasite

    Select a video for editing Details

    MyMediasite - Edit Details

    Change presentation data


    We use the tags for links to other applications and searchability.

    Adding is of course possible

    MyMediasite - Edit details

  • How do I change my Visibility of the lecture


    It is only possible to adjust the following after access to the teacher in question. This can be requested via the Contact form

    The link for edit my Details: Link to Collegerama Video portal


    1) Select a video for editing Details

    • Click: Browse Shared Folders
    • Select a recording

    2) Select a video for editing Details

    • Edit Details

    3) Specify who can see the presentation:

    Private: Only you will be able to view this presentation.
    Viewable: You and users with appropriate permissions will be able to view the presentation.

    MyMediasite - visability
  • Digital pointer – Logitech Spotlight
    Why is Collegerama so happy with it? Collegerama has been recording lectures on Campus since 2004. Since the start, users of Collegerama have asked us to somehow make the laser pointer of lecturers visible in our recordings. This is almost impossible to do, for technical and practical reasons. Collegerama captures the presentation slides digitally and since the Logitech Spotlight is a software based pointer, it will show both in the lecture hall AND in the recording. This provides a much better recording since viewers can see what a lecturer is pointing at in his/her presentation Download Manual
  • Why have we disapproved your request

    To be able to record as many requests as possible, we made a priority protocol for recordings:

    • Has the lecture been recorded in the last two years?
      If not, your request has priority
    • How many recordings are being requested by your faculty?
      We try to find a balance between faculty requests
    • How many lectures per week?
      For example: can we record your course when it is offered once a week? Can we record your course when it is offered three time a week?
    • Is the location of the requested recording reachable for our recording trolley?
    • Did we receive the recording request before the deadline for the upcoming lecture period?
      For each lecture period, we have set a date before which requests should be made. After this date, there will be limited options to make recording possible. Exceptions can be made for lecture halls where Collegerama has fixed recorders in place. Recordings which require student operators and mobile recording equipment depend on the availability of said assets.

    Using this priority protocol, we hope we can facilitate as many requests as possible.

  • Support in lecture hall
    Collegerama support
    during lecture/recording
    Meaningfull recording
    Collegerama – lecture recording/livestream with operator in lecture hall Yes Yes (lecturer, slides (and Smartboard if applicable) are captured in dual/triple video)
    Collegerama – automated lecture recording (fixed recorder, running on schedule) No, although Collegerama staff can be contacted if necessary Yes, see notion above
    Collegerama – recording of lecture which uses Teams/Zoom only No, lecturer is responsible for Teams/Zoom session No, please record directly in Teams/Zoom. You can upload the video to Collegerama
    Collegerama – livestream combined with Teams/Zoom Yes, but only for recording and livestream on Collegerama platform. We do not provide support for Teams/Zoom session. No, see notion above
    Overflowroom directly via Lecture hall No, via FM No
    Overflowroom via Collegerama No, we only support the recording in the main hall. The teacher/TA is responsible for starting the link for the livestream in ‘slave’ room. Problems in the slave room will have to be solved by FM. Yes
    DoItYourself recording No You can always send us your own recordings using Surffilesender; we will upload (within 1 workday) these recordings into the specified lecture folder in Collegerama.
  • When can you schedule a request…
    Start request from…Start global planningLatest options for addition to planning **Appearance processed **
    Period 1July 202314 August 2023
    (week 5.7)
    25 August 2023
    (week 5.8)
    WED 30 August 2023
    (week 5.9)
    Period 2September 202309 October 2023
    (week 1.6)
    23 October 2023
    (week 1.8)
    WED 08 November 2023
    (week 1.10)
    Period 3December 202308 January 2024
    (week 2.7)
    30 January 2024
    (week 2.8)
    WED 07 February 2024
    (week 2.10)
    Period 4February 2023 18 March 2024
    (week 3.6)
    08 April 2024
    (week 3.8)
    WED 17 April 2024
    (week 3.10)

    Last Modified: 5 June 2023

    1) Data is retrieved from the TU Delft MyTimetable. If it is not yet available there, it cannot be requested yet. You can contact the scheduler for this.
    **) It is always possible to make a request after the period. We will look at what is still possible on the basis of request after the date provided. This has to do with possible logistical and personnel deployment.

  • Which video extension can I upload?

    In the article below from the supplier you can find which video formats can be uploaded.

    For fast processing, an .mp4; H264 the fastest option without the video yet to be transcoded.

  • When will my lecture be online after the recording

    We assume that the recording recorder can use a fixed network connection (wifi is not possible) in the lecture hall. If this is present, the recording will be online within 20 minutes after the lecture.

    No fixed network during the lecture? The lectures will then be online within 2 working days. The recorder will then have to be connected to a different location to upload the recording. We try to implement this as soon as possible.

  • What is the delay of the livestream

    Between the main hall and the viewer there is a delay of about 30 seconds.

  • Use parts of recording

    Copy the url and paste one of the commands seen below directly behind the url. You can choose a starting point at a specific time. You can also add a duration (the playback will stop after a chosen lenght of time)

    NOTE:  Use milliseconds

    • Playback starting point
      • URL -> ?playFrom=MILLISECONDE
    • Playback Starting point + Duration
      • URL -> ?playFrom=MILLISECONDE&duration=MILLISECONDE

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Request Schedule

Your Collegrama recordings requests are handled by TU Delft MyTimetable. Collegerama follows this Schedule and has no influence on the opening or closing dates.

In the table below you can find the time-windows where you can schedule your requests for the academic year. The window starts on the “Request Date Start” and ends on the “Request Date End”. The “Request Processed” will show you when you can see your planned recording in the Recording Schedule.

Request Date Start
Request Date End *
Request Processed
Period 4
17 april 2024
Period 1
1 July 2024
16 August 2024
28 August 2024
Period 2
1 September 2024
25 October 2024
6 November 2024
Period 3
1 December 2024
25 January 2025
5 February 2025
Period 4
1 February 2025
4 April 2025
16 April 2025

Last Modified: 25 April 2024

Data is retrieved from the TU Delft MyTimetable. If it is not yet available, requests can not be handled.

* Requests after the request date will be evaluated without guarantee for scheduling, depending on logistics and personnel deployment.