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Watch Collegerama

View recorded lectures or live lectures with a 30 second delay. TU Delft lectures are only available to Students with a NetID. You may be prompted to login.


The Lecture Viewer is hosted on a separate platform. The links on this website redirect to that platform. When using these links you will leave this website. The direct link to the platform is:

The Collegerama videoportal is an ORAS initiative.


Check the viewing requirements and compatibility for the MediaSite Player here

Do you study at TU Delft and do you live within 30 min traveling from campus? Then you might be interested in working at Collegerama!

We hire students to record lectures with mobile recording units. It’s a fun job and you can literrally learn while you work!

Tips / Tricks / How to

  • When will my lecture be online after the recording

    We assume that the recording recorder can use a fixed network connection (wifi is not possible) in the lecture hall. If this is present, the recording will be online within 20 minutes after the lecture.

    No fixed network during the lecture? The lectures will then be online within 2 working days. The recorder will then have to be connected to a different location to upload the recording. We try to implement this as soon as possible.

  • What is the delay of the livestream

    Between the main hall and the viewer there is a delay of about 30 seconds.

  • Use Annotations in a recording

    An annotation is similar to a comment in that it allows for conversation and discussion regarding a video presentation. However, it differs in the fact that it is tied directly to the timeline of the video.


    1. This function is included in all recorded presentations from academic year 2019-2020.
      If you are interested in enabling this on older recordings, please let us know via our contact form.
    2. The annotations are not private. Annotations are visible to logged in persons who view a presentation.
  • Recording request by students

    Requests for recording weblecture(s) is only possible by the teacher/employee. Students can not send a request.

  • I have a problem with login Collegerama

    First check before contact:

    You are able to login to Brightspace, webmail?

    Collegerama is connected via SurfConext (which is the gateway to all TU Delft platforms). Collegerama only checks your netid on the authentication server. If you can login to your webmail, you should also be able to login to Collegerama.

    Is there an issue at TU Delft, you can check it here:

  • How long will my recordings be available

    Collegerama is seen as an online archive for video content for TU Delft; this will ensure that recordings will not be deleted. Recordings can be taken offline (and come online again) by request of the speaker/lecturer involved.

    All recordings that we have put online since 2004 are still on our servers.

  • It is possible to “embed” the recordings of Collegerama on a website page.
    Iframe is not working since July 2023

    Note TU Delft Security:
    Due to the vulnerability, it is no longer allowed to perform a login session at another URL via an iframe. So logging into via an iframe is no longer possible with recorded web lectures with a course code. These are behind the TU Delft netID login.

    You can place the link directly on the website or Learning System.

    For public/event recording it is possible to use an IFRAME where you do not need to log in.

    <iframe src=” PASTE HERE YOUR COLLEGERAMA URL ” width=”100%” height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”auto” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

    To embed via Brightspace, click on the button below.

  • Can i download a recording?

    By default, recordings can only be viewed in the online player. Since we record several streams, only the online player can show these simultaneously. Furthermore, the copyright of all videos on Collegerama lies with the TU Delft, stating that we should keep the videos behind a netID login and not provide a download option.

    More info about Copyright (TU Delft Library)
    More info about Editing my recorded lectures Collegerama