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Collegerama support
during lecture/recording
Meaningfull recording
Collegerama – lecture recording/livestream with operator in lecture hall
Yes (lecturer, slides (and Smartboard if applicable) are captured in dual/triple video)
Collegerama – automated lecture recording (fixed recorder, running on schedule)
No, although Collegerama staff can be contacted if necessary
Yes, see notion above
Collegerama – recording of lecture which uses Teams/Zoom only
No, lecturer is responsible for Teams/Zoom session
Collegerama – livestream combined with Teams/Zoom
Yes, but only for recording and livestream on Collegerama platform. We do not provide support for Teams/Zoom session.
No, see notion above
Overflowroom directly via Lecture hall
No, via FM
Overflowroom via Collegerama
No, we only support the recording in the main hall. The teacher/TA is responsible for starting the link for the livestream in ‘slave’ room. Problems in the slave room will have to be solved by FM.
DoItYourself recording