Why have we disapproved your request

To be able to record as many requests as possible, we made a priority protocol for recordings:

  • Has the lecture been recorded in the last two years?
    If not, your request has priority
  • How many recordings are being requested by your faculty?
    We try to find a balance between faculty requests
  • How many lectures per week?
    For example: can we record your course when it is offered once a week? Can we record your course when it is offered three time a week?
  • Is the location of the requested recording reachable for our recording trolley?
  • Did we receive the recording request before the deadline for the upcoming lecture period?
    For each lecture period, we have set a date before which requests should be made. After this date, there will be limited options to make recording possible. Exceptions can be made for lecture halls where Collegerama has fixed recorders in place. Recordings which require student operators and mobile recording equipment depend on the availability of said assets.

Using this priority protocol, we hope we can facilitate as many requests as possible.